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World Union for Progressive Judaism

European Union for Progressive Judaism.
The Movement for Reform Judaism
Union for Reform Judaism
Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

Leo Baeck College, Rabbinic Seminar in London.

Abraham Geiger Kolleg, Rabbinic Seminar in Berlin
Hebrew Union College, Rabbinic Seminar in Cincinnati, NY, LA and Jerusalem.

Central Conference of American Rabbis.

Women of Reform Judaism

Federación de Comunidades Judías de España

Comunidad Judía Beit Emunah del Principado de Asturias

Comunidad Jueva Atid (Barcelona)

Comunidad Masortí Bet El (Madrid)

Comunidad Xudía Bnei'Israel de Galicia.
Comunidad Judía Aviv (Valencia)

Reform Judaism (Informative platform of Reform Judaism)

My Jewish Learning  (Informative platform of pluralistic Jewish content)

Friday 20 of May 2022

19 Iyyar, 5782

Recommended links

The Jewish world produces a lot of information coming from different sources.

Jewish world produces a lot of information from different sources. There is a whole architecture of Jewish information. In this section we are going to share interesting links to web pages of various topics. The great majority of Jewish information is in English.


URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) is the institutional web of the American and Canadian Reform Movement (the main movement in the United States). Nowadays it is one of the top ten webs of Jewish organizational content that you can find.


A fantastic web of Reform Judaism education, it is a well-organized and attentive to the detail. Notice the information related to festivals, the 10 Minutes of Torah subscription, the weekly parashah commentaries and the blog. It’s a must.


This source is very useful because you will find the Torah and the haftarot in Spanish. It also allows you to listen how to sing every pasuk, offering the Hebrew text, the Spanish translation and the Hebrew transliteration. In addition, you can do a word search of the Torah.


Maybe you read online Israeli newspapers but, how about a service of European Jewish newspapers? Till now it is the only one in our continent. Available in English and French, it is a perfect tool to be informed about the issues concerning the European and Global Jewry. Highly recommended.


This is an interesting web addressed to Jewish parents, where you will find information about childbearing, values, Jewish festivals, curiosities, Jewish names, and much more. Do you remember Blossom, the American actress who had a leading role in a famous 90’s TV series? She is Mayim Bialik, Jewish and now a mother, who has inspired this and other projects about childbearing and children education. It allows RSS subscription; there is a blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter presence.


This is a thorough and attractive cooking web that offers ideas to cook and lay the table during the festivals. The recipes are classified by traditions, ingredients, dish type, difficulty level, preparation time, etc. You can subscribe to the newsletter.


Israeli technology webpage in Spanish. Key topics: medicine, blue tech, start-ups and science. You can subscribe to the newsletter. Very interesting.

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