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World Union for Progressive Judaism

European Union for Progressive Judaism.
The Movement for Reform Judaism
Union for Reform Judaism
Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

Leo Baeck College, Rabbinic Seminar in London.

Abraham Geiger Kolleg, Rabbinic Seminar in Berlin
Hebrew Union College, Rabbinic Seminar in Cincinnati, NY, LA and Jerusalem.

Central Conference of American Rabbis.

Women of Reform Judaism

Federación de Comunidades Judías de España

Comunidad Judía Beit Emunah del Principado de Asturias

Comunidad Jueva Atid (Barcelona)

Comunidad Masortí Bet El (Madrid)

Comunidad Xudía Bnei'Israel de Galicia.
Comunidad Judía Aviv (Valencia)

Reform Judaism (Informative platform of Reform Judaism)

My Jewish Learning  (Informative platform of pluralistic Jewish content)

Tuesday 29 of November 2022

5 Kislev, 5783


Meeting Place, BET KNESSET.

At Bet Shalom we see our community as a space to share the different expressions of Judaism. The challenge and strength of Bet Shalom lies in the fact that we are a young community, committed to its members, attentive to their interests and open to the participation of all of them. We work together to grow together.


Study Area, BET MIDRASH.

The history of Jewish experience proves that one of the pillars of our survival was and still is, the study of our tradition and the full awareness of our identity.

In Bet Shalom we deal with key problems and worries of our society through the study of the Torah and the texts of our tradition, organizing all kind of cultural and artistic activities, study workshops and seminars, discussing, sharing ideas and confronting opinions, this setting up a personal and community link between the sources of Judaism and the present time.

Pre-school education is essential to our community. Therefore we have a project to set up a nursery school from 1 to 5 years-old as well as a teenage education program. 


Sacred Space, BET MIKDASH.

The core teaching of Judaism believes that life is sacred, and that our lives could be consecrated through our actions.  

The heart of Bet Shalom is tefilah, and we experience it raising spiritually, joining our voices with kavanah.

Our services are egalitarian, carried out with the active participation of the community members and performed according to the reform movement guidelines.


Healing the world together, BET TIKKUN OLAM.

Jewish mysticism teaches us that, although reality shows a world in conflict and fragmentary, we can and must repair it. 

In Bet Shalom we are committed with an active version of Tikkun Olam that orients us in the mitzvot practice. We implement Tikkun Olam principles in all our activities —children and teenage education, involvement in our society, social action and the way we connect with other collectives and religious traditions.


Build and build ourselves, LIVNOT U L'HIVANOT.

The first Torah lesson — The story of creation in Bereshit, tells us that the world is unfinished and each and every one of us must contribute everyday to build it.

Bet Shalom inspires the networking of progressive communities from Spain, Israel, Europe and United States, since we are members of World Union of Progressive Judaism and a founding member of Federation of Progressive Jewish Communities of Spain.

Although the members of Bet Shalom are committed to community life, we also go beyond the synagogue to show our values and culture, we take responsibility with our society to improve equality and we hope that the Jewish presence in Barcelona and Sefarad sprouts again in all its strength.  Like this we grow not only individually but as a community.



Bet Shalom has a managing committee chosen by the community assembly. All its members are volunteers — Every person coordinates one field or project and is responsible of its planning and implementation. 

The management of Bet Shalom is at your disposal. We want to hear your opinions and needs. Please, contact us here.



Although the managing committee organize and plan the bulk of activities of kehilah, its members are the ones who make possible that Bet Shalom works and becomes an active and dynamic community. In order to do this, we organize ourselves in working groups:

  • Arrange the kehilah
  • Oneg ShabBat
  • Education
  • Tefilah
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Health
  • Anti-Semitism and civil rights
  • Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah
  • Yeladim

We encourage our members to join the work we are carrying out and propose activities, to be involved and be creative. To do so, it is very easy, you only have to contact here and “talk” to the person in charge of every group. They will contact you and tell you about the details.



Over the years, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the spiritual and communitarian guide of three rabbis: Ariel Edery, James Glazier and Rifat Sonsino. All of them are very active and take part actively in the community life, through video-conferences or in-person during their recurring visits to Bet Shalom.

Rifat Sonsino


Ariel Edery


James Glazier


Nowadays we also enjoy the presence of Fabián Sborovsky as resident rabbinic student in our community. Fabián visit us every month and coordinates and carries out liturgical and educational activities.

Bet Shalom invites regularly rabbis, both men and women, to share with us their knowledge and their vision of Judaism. Over the years we have been visited, among others, by Rabbi Andrew Goldstein, Rabbi Elisabeth Tikvah, Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, and Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz.


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